Day 10 first job being sober

Today is day ten that I’m sober , time seems to be going so slow. I’ve been sick n I lost my job right before I got sober. An now I have orientation for a new job today an I start tomorrow. It’s kinda overwhelming but at the same time I have Bill’s to pay. Hopefully I can stay focused an do what I have to do before I lose eveything


Well it could be a very good thing, could be a positive change and new start sometimes is good. Just take it a day at a time, it’s always over whelming starting something new, specially this early sober. But I bet once you get in and start going things will ease up and the stress will go away and when you get home tomorrow you will feel proud and sober:) congrats on day ten man, that was the hardest part for me was getting past that.

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Congratulations on the new job and your sobriety. We are here for you so post often and read the AA Big Book. It is changing my life just don’t do this on company time. Hahaha!

I’m on day 10 as well i feel unmotivated but feels so much better than hung over. I hope you enjoy your new job!!