Day 11 - does it get easier?

Hello out there, made it to Day 11!! I really wanted that daily glass of wine. That glass of wine would usually turn into 2, then 3, and then you’re phoning your dealer. Ugghh, how did I let alcohol and drugs consume me for so many years?!? Today was hard but I didn’t let my cravings win. Someone told me it’s hard to quit… I guess I just need to be strong! Does it get easier?



It does get easier. Everytime you say no you are building up a resistance. The more that you can associate drugs and alcohol with the negative consequences the quicker you can get the cravings to slow down and get quieter.


Great job on 11 days. It does get easier. A couple of tools for me was taking a really really long hot hot relaxing shower at wine o’clock. Come downstairs for dinner and fill my wine glass with lots and lots of sparkling water. Still do that sometimes but I don’t feel the need for the wine glass anymore.