Day 11, New Here

Finally removed alcohol from my life with great mindfulness for the first time in my almost 30 years of drinking. I’m excited for my new life. One thing I’ve noticed is my free time, so much free time!


Welcome and congratulations on day 11 Annie.
This is a great sober forum to get and give support. Being active on here has kept me sober for quite awhile now.
I still take it one day at a time ODAAT
Have a good read around. Join in when you’re comfortable. If you have any questions speak up. Someone is always happy to help.


Welcome to the community Annie and a hell of a job on your 11 days of freedom. Ah yes, the free time — one of many benefits of being sober. Keep strong and keep fighting for a better and healthier lifestyle.

This is a wonderful community where you can mingle with peers on the same path. Loads of great advice and support. Hope to see you around.

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Welcome aboard :upside_down_face:

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Welcome Annie! :blush:
Congrats on 11 days! Yay! :tada:
Glad you made the decision to start your new sober life.
Having so much free time was one of the first benefits I noticed too. Plenty more benefits to experience as you progress in your journey.
Hope to see you around the forum.

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Welcome to the forum! Have a good look around, pretty much any topic you are dealing with will pop up as someone has been through it before.

Eleven days is good work, keep stacking days!

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Welcome Annie! :wave: Sounds like you’re starting a journey. You’re in good company here. Make yourself at home! Read around - there is lots of fun stuff here and lots of good sharing too :innocent:

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