Day 128 and a half


Today’s kind of a big day for me. I quit drinking on November 10, 2017, but picked back up for two weeks in March 2018 after 128 days. I quit again April 2.

Today marks 128 days again, so as of tomorrow, I will be beating my old record and building up. This is the longest I’ve ever been sober in my adult life. Finally feel back on track.


That’s awesome! I was around 90 days the last time and it will be so good to get back there and pass that. I won’t be as naive then either…thinking I can moderate :roll_eyes: congrats again :raised_hands:t2:


Excellent. What day are you at now? I remember a time I wasn’t able to go two days, so we’re doing great!


Ha ha, tomorrow is day 3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


First 7 are some of the hardest!


Way to get back up and start again! Now that you know relapse isn’t worth it, I hope you can continue on doing awesome. Setting new records every day! Stay vigilant. :blush:


If you fall down get back up and keep fighting!! Awesome! You are an example for those who stumble.


Congratulations!! That’s awesome!!