Day 15 and I'm having... Baby Cravings!?

I have always had a hard time with the idea of being a mother. My relationship with mine was terrible, and I was always scared of alcohol abuse being an issue as a mom. I really convinced myself I just wouldn’t and I know my fiance has silently been sad about it. I think alcohol gave me a bad opinion about myself in general, even though I was tricked into thinking different. I never thought I would be a good mom.

I’m late for my period, so I took a pregnancy test. It was negative, and for the first time in my life I was disappointed! I actually cried. I am also relieved, because I’m not in the best position to yet, but having the desire is a REALLY great feeling. I can’t help but feel like this is directly related to stopping drinking. I’m feeling really happy about it and I just wanted to share.

Anyone experience anything similar?


I am a bit reluctant to respond here, don’t wanna mess with your good vibes.
All i can isay is that one reason I don’t have kids yet is cause I I am really in a bad place to have one now,since I don’t have them already, and don’t want to drag someone into my problems. I get your train of thought and believe it’s quite a natural response. But maternity and paternity are world’s apart I think … And I do think your desire is growing stronger with your sobreity , cause addiction you don’t want in your life and the other you do. You know they don’t go well together… And hope the better solution will give you even more strength to keep up the good life .

All the best and just be happy and strong !


Also this looks funny :slight_smile:


Well put Lyly

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I’ve had these feelings too mainly after the 90 days milestone, I’ve got two boys already aged 6 & 7yrs old, my husband is 41 and doesn’t want anymore, it’s a difficult situation for me right now and as much as I would love to have another baby I have to weigh up if right now is a good time. It took alot of reflecting and there is a reason programs and meetings tell you not to make these life changing decisions before a year sober, your still getting to know yourself and your surroundings again. If it happens for you then it was meant to be but if it doesn’t, don’t get disheartened, concentrate on your journey and when the time is right then it will happen