Day 17 down for the books!

I’ve managed to make it past day 17! I am proud of my self and the dedication I am putting into my sobriety this time around.

the longest I’ve ever been sober before hand was during my pregnancy with my son. This time I am sober for myself, my happiness. As much as I love alcohol for awhile it fixed my problems but later I noticed it ruined me. Made me disgusted with myself, hurt my own feelings and kept me dwelling on things that no longer played relevancy in my life. I am ready for the change. I am strong now and tackling my sobriety differently this time around. I am going to talk to a counselor, continue my IOP classes and work on getting medication that will help stop my cravings for when they do get worse. I haven’t really had any cravings just yet just sad some days worse than others. Today I was content with life. Ran some personal errands, took my son to the park and had a good dinner with my family. Tomorrow is a new day, new possibilities. Just taking this one day at a time! I appreciate this site because I’m willing to vent on here and people that actually understand me give me feedback and I don’t have to feel corny about it! Lol. So I appreciate you all :heart: Lights out for me. Have a good night!


Amazing, congratulations!!! Keep moving forward :blush:

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Congratulations in your 17 days sober. You will do great, time flies so fast. I remember when I made the decision to stop drinking, now I’ve been SOBER for a 1 month and 9 days…
One day at a time and always remeber YOUR WHY!

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Well done lady, keep those days rolling!! :facepunch: