Day 2 ! After a

Okay so I’ve not been able too hang in there very well sense I’ve started my latest job I’ve been drinking way too much,now it’s coming to my attention that once again all these fake feelings are missleading me down the wrong road. I Realy want too change for the good and too defeat this. Appreciate any support

Change begins with one thought I’m not drinking today each day you become to behave and start to think differently you need to give yourself time sober .to.e wasn’t built in a day my friend each day sober will show you new ways be patient and don’t give in to them liying inner Voices


A day at a time. You got this.
If those voices get to much just pick up this forum for some inspiration.
Dont get convinced by the voices that you need a drink to get through this bc you actually don’t … That only makes it much worse . Stay strong .
Get to a meeting if you can

Beasley, there isn’t a magic wand, but there is a true saying, " one day at a time". Go to bed strong, start your day stronger.

We are all on the same ship. You will have many friends on here that will lend you their hand. Take it.

All the very best Stephen

Thanks guys

What do you mean by fake feelings? Feelings that lie and deceive you into not being sober?

None of us get it 100% right all the time. The real thing that matters is that we try!! Any effort in the right direction is valid, and the key point is it’s in the desire to change and grow. Be kind to yourself and if things start going sideways, come here and reach out. So many hand will help lift you up!! :handshake::handshake::handshake::handshake::handshake::handshake::handshake: