Day 2 again but new

I fell off for a while but I’m back on its been hard not to drink today and I quit smoking cigarettes too so that also has been very hard but I’m still going


You’re back. That’s what matters. Do whatever it takes not to drink today. What kind of tools are you planning on using?

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What do you plan to do different this time? Remember…nothing changes, if nothing changes.
Have you considered AA meetings? There’s plenty on zoom. I actually use and find it very helpful when in person meetings are not available.


Keep going. Today is Day 2 for me too. You aren’t alone.

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2 days is great, keep going forward my friend! Wishing you all the very best :pray:t2::two_hearts:

So glad you made your way back to writing your new chapter. Don’t be to hard on yourself for falling…it’s when you lay down and stay there that you’ve lost. Every time you pick yourself up is a victory, and a chance for a brighter day!

Quitting either is difficult so be easy with yourself…you’ll get there if you want it badly enough. I quit smoking back in August and let the drinking go 20 days ago. I smoked for 27 years…longer than I ever imagined. Woke up one day and said…ok, I gotta do something. It wasn’t easy in that first month, but…I made it, and you will too.

Stay healthy and be blessed :grinning::ocean::raised_hands:t2:

Right back there with ya. Day 2 Alcohol…I find it too restrictive going cold turkey on everything, so nicotine is for next year.

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Craving strongly now. How can I join AA online?

Any real way to stop cravings

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Eat, stay hydrated, sleep, go for walks, listen to podcasts/ audio books, read, netflix… remember you’re only quitting for today, we can do anything for 1 day.

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