Day 2 all most in the books


On day 2 today . I been lurking on this app for a while decided to finally make an account. I’ve been struggling hard with my drinking . ive been binge drinking 10 years now. About a year ago I had 6 months sober but all it took was for 1 day being stressed out and thought having a drink would be a smart thing to do… But here I am with 2 days no drinking with just so many high hopes and goals for myself but I always fall back into the trap but hoping I can get it together this time for me and my family.

Everythings just so much better with out a drink I don’t know why I keep falling back into the cycle. My son’s 5 now and every time I drink he tells me I don’t like when you drink daddy … Even hearing that from my little boy I still can’t stop. But this times it going to go all in enough living this way . Hope you all have a great sober Tuesday !


Wishing you all the best on your journey. I’m on day one so I have zero advice lol. But I’m hoping for the best for all of us.


From my experience we need to change so many things for staying sober that we can not do it by ourselves. This is why AA is a very good solution for sobriety. The program teaches us to make the nescessary changes and have a meaningfull sober life…


Thank you . I’m thinking about AA just not really sure how to find a meeting for me . I’ve been to a site that list places around me and times but I’m not sure how accurate it is. Good luck to you to Diana on your journey.


I can’t really help you with selecting a meeting cause I live in Finland…but I’m sure that someone in this forum can and will help you with that :slight_smile:


I’m having the same problem with finding AA meetings near me.


Hmm…maybe you should make a new thread about help in picking a meeting…no one seems to have noticed this one


@Englishd @C-sun There are some people here who are “experts” on stuff like this.

You definitely need accountability. Seeking help through AA and finding a sponsor. Maybe if you didnt carry around your cards/cash on you. Spouse has access to the funds/account. Then you couldn’t buy it you wanted. That being said, cutting alcohol by going dry cold Turkey is rough. Just trying to go it alone and not use isn’t a long term plan. You need steps and goals. AA is a good start.


Alright kids, here is how you find AA. Google your city and the letters AA or Alcoholics Anonymous and it should generate the district website you happen to live in. Look in the “contact us” tab and there should be a hotline # you can call. Call it and ask for the next closest meeting or a meeting at a time that is convenient for you. This living person will not steer you towards a meeting that has been phased out.

Another thing you could do if you are more comfortable is ask for a 12 step call. Step 12 is to carry the message and a few awesome people will meet you at a time that suits you at a location you are comfortable from your home to a Starbucks to a street corner of your choice. Another possibility is so use the Meeting Guide App. It can be found in Google play and there is also an iPhone version. Every meeting is not listed there but at least 75% of them are. It will know where the phone is and be able to give you the time, location, and directions to the next closest meetings within about 60 miles. It was very helpful in getting me to meetings in FL when I was there for Christmas. Finally, if virtual works better for you, I have had success while snowed in this winter with for meetings on a device.

Best of luck! The only meeting you are late for is the first one. Feel free to ask any questions.

@DianaV @Buzzy


Honestly it’s a good idea to call the hotline anyway. They can give you lots of good info


Lots of great info thank you .