Day 2 - already craving

Hi all,
So its the start of days 3, ive been clean now for 2 days from oxy and im already wishing i could have some pills. Before oxy i had my own strange coping addiction where i would sit on my balcony for hours with my music, coffee, and just chain smoke. I would create a fantasy world in my head with charcters, romance and adventure. A world i could control and be happy in that would make up for the loneliness and boredom that i felt in real life. Enter oxy, it helped these fantasies and made them 100 times better. Now i cant imagine like i used to cuz its not the same without the drugs. I know the soloution is to start living but right now as i had a suicide attempt 2 days ago because of the oxy my body is taking time to recover from all the antideppressiants i took as i feel like ive been hit by a train. I dont know what im hoping from posting this, i think maybe i just needed a platform to get this off my chest to people who understand.


Hey, good job on making it to day 2! maybe instead of imagining your stories, why not try writing them into a book style it will help keep you busy too.


I agree with James, perhaps writing these stories will help.
Other than that read around here as much as you can.
Use the magnifying glass above to search for any questions you may have. It’s all on here.
The crap you are feeling at the moment will need to be worked through unfortunately. Just keep hydrated, and eat.
Stick around.


Have you been to see anyone yet, anyone to talk to about the suicide attempts? Do you live alone?

Welcome Brooks. My DOC was oxy too. I went thru a pretty bad withdrawal at an outpatient detox center. When I’m craving, I think back to those days and remember the hell I went thru to get to where I am today. I’ve had to completely change my routine and my group of friends. Try to find new hobbies or take up some old ones. Getting free of those pills is life changing. I wish you the best.


Welcome on here,

Would it be an idea you start writing down your stories here. I think that might do something positive for you.
I’d read it!

Have you considered seeking help in recovery, then changes do go up if we don’t do it alone.
The monster is so freaking strong.

Hope to read your stories at one point, and good luck to you!


How are you holding up @Brooks?