Day 2 - Is it normal for withdrawal to feel worse?

I’m on day 2, and my withdrawal symptoms are worse than last night. Still equally feverish, but the itchy / insect crawling feeling all over my body is worse, as are my shaking hands. Is this normal? Does it get worse before it gets better?

I quit cold turkey, but now I’m thinking I should have tried rehab or something.

Is it OK to post things like this? Not sure of the etiquette yet.


Perfectly normal. The first few days are the worst. You should start to feel better one week in. You should think about filling your time up with meetings SMART, AA or both. Very important during early sobriety.


Depending on the severity of your habit, you may want to seek medical advice if you can. Quitting cold turkey can be dangerous


Yes, it’s normal. First, your body begins to notice declining levels of your DOC in the body. It feels crappy. Then it notices the total absence of it, and feels even more crappy. Then it begins the process of adjusting to none and you start to feel better, and eventually, you feel great.

At least that’s been my experience. Your mileage may vary.


Yep, like the others said, quite normal. The shakes can last quite a while, months. The itchies can last months too. The peak of physical WD’s is usually over by 7-10 days.

If you feel like you may actually die, seek medical treatment. Alcohol withdrawals can absolutely be deadly.

Stay hydrated, get some multivitamins in and B vitamins.


I detoxed myself from booze many times. And it does get worse for a short time, then it starts getting better, fast.

If you have any seizures or hallucinations or other severe symptoms, please get medical help ASAP. There’s a difference between feeling really crappy and doing harm to yourself. Medical supervision is not a bad thing, it did help me out a couple of times. The last time, when I got sober, I had the added advantage of being responsible or accountable to my doctor.

Good luck, friend!


You mentioned in your previous post that you were a binge drinker, did you binge daily or weekly, monthly etc.?

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I binged on scotch, gin or brandy most nights for years and years, with weekends being worse, with ale and port added to the mix earlier in the day. I thought I was “functional”, but I can’t tell you how ashamed I am of that.

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The reason I ask is that typically a “binge drinker” is one who typically goes longer periods of time without drinking, i.e. weekly drinking. Because of the reduced frequency, they may not experience withdrawls.

As a daily drinker (as I was) the withdrawals are mild to severe. Mine were mild. Shakey hands, headache, body aches, brain fog, sweats, insomnia, a feeling of over all ickiness. It lasted for maybe a week, day 3 being the worst.

It sucks, but it’s your body getting back to normal. Like others said, stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, rest well and watch those symptoms. Most make it through fine, some require medical intervention, so be careful.

Hang in there, it’ll be over soon! And remember, as much as it sucks, drinking will make you start this process all over, and so this is the last time you have to go through this! I wish you well!


Hi Joy, I couldn’t find any SMART groups in the UK, but I’m calling them today to ask about online groups.

I’m finding this forum helpful. It makes me feel less alone in all of this, and it’s encouraging to see so many people with many months of sobriety and clarity.

Cheers for responding.



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There’s no shame. You’re here because you want to be better. Stay the course. As others have said, withdrawals are normal. Obivously, the harder you went and the longer the period of time the symptoms of withdrawal will be worse. If you feel worse go speak with a doctor. We are here for you and all have your back. Keep on!

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Hi Crosby,
One resource I’ve seen here is There are also Buddhist oriented 12 step recovery meetings online called Refuge Recovery or Dharma Recovery, you can start at

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I go to smart meetings in the uk

Whenever I do online SMART online meetings I go to the UK chat because those are the only groups that work on my Android. You need to go to the SMART recovery website & sign up on there. There are a lot of chat rooms, forums and meetings there. Very helpful. You can even get the SMART workbook. I bought mine at a local meeting, but it’s been helpful and insightful.

Type your postcode in here…


I’m going through it. Going on 48 hours. It gets worse.

Cheers. I’m not thinking clearly. I went to the US SMART website. I’ve just registered with the UK one. I see some in person meetings I can attend next week and some online ones this weekend. Will check out that Buddhist link also.



I feel for you. We’re going through this together.

It’s better on the other side. Sat through the darkness all night. I know it seems impossible but you do feel better.

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Its normal for me it took around 4 days to feel better the first 2 days were the worst just stayed in bed …