Day 2 of sober life

Been 36 hours since last drink. It’s a start. I have this.


That’s awesome! Hour by hour that’s how I had to do it those first 10 days. It works though, I got through them. Check in lots if your urges get intense.


I just hit my 5 day mark. You are doing awesome. Keep it up!!! :grinning:


Also on day 2! Here on my lunch break on a stressful day. Here with you on this first week ❤️‍🔥


Congratulations! We have all has to start sometime. One moment at a time…… stay present. You got this. Miracles are coming :blush:

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Congratulations!! You’ve got this :muscle:t3:

You are doing amazing!!! Be proud of those 2 days and keep pushing through. :heart:

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Awesome job Steve ! Hope and Love to you ! Im on day 12 I believe in you !!! Hoping you can find a great AA group like mine. Keep up the good fight !