Day 2 sober time for changes

Day 2 sober taking it day by day just want to be socer for my health and to be around for my beautiful kids



This forum has given me alot of support in my recovery. 24/7. Glad you found it!

At day 2 I still felt miserable going through the detox process. It gets better! Much better!

My health is much better, and I have a good relationship with my kids again thanks to not drinking one day at a time.


Welcome to the forum, it’s a great resource and a safe place. Reading stories of people in the same situation really healped me in the first couple of days - it’ll get better day by day :sunflower:

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Right with you. Day 4 here. Again. I think this time is going to stick though. We can do this! The health and longevity part is very motivating. I want grandkids around me (eventually).

Congrats on day 2!

@FeelingBetter congrats on your 4 days!! Awesome stuff.

Like @JasonFisher said, it gets better. Much better.

The first few days are so hard to get through but once you get a week or two under your belt you will feel like a different person. Stick with it and take it one day at a time!

Thank you all support is key and I do appreciate it