Day 2, sober


I haven’t had alcohol in a week
And I haven’t smoked in two days.

I am proud and I wanted to share this with you guys.
I feel ok. A bit flat but atleast I fall asleep waaay faster, and I am not feeling guilty

Much love x


Amazing, you should feel proud of yourself.

Rest as much as you need to :hugs:


Your body needs time to heal, but you will get your energy back. After I got out of rehab I slept pretty much all day for almost 2 weeks. Once I got through that I started exercising a little bit and slowly the energy came back. Now I’m in the best shape I’ve been in over ten years.

Get some rest!


AWESOME! Keep it up!!


Not feeling guilty is SO freeing!!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Well done :smiley:


It really is and I hope it stays that way
I believe i can


:confetti_ball: Congratulations you should feel very proud, keep going girl you’ve got this. I keep a chart on my wall and it has bright purple stickers on showing my sober days I feel alive seeing it everyday and determined to keep filling it 39 so far xx :blush: x


I never begrudge getting rest and sleep, never know when you’ll get it again. Rest, heal, recuperate and recover.


Wow congratiolations! Keep going :slight_smile:


Isn’t that lack of guilt and shame amazing? I’m just starting to feel it too, and it’s incredible. Congratulations!


Hey. I’m 2 almost 3 days sober today. And have ordered a vape to try to quit smoking aswell. It’s nice to see someone else in almost the same situation as me. How are you going quitting both at once? Im hoping it helps with both, if that makes sense. One usually goes with the other for me. Well done to you.


The great sleep and no guilt is an amazing feeling!!!


I dont smoke cigarettes but I smoked weed.
Its just way easier if my boyfriend isn’t smoking in front of me.

Alcohol isn’t easy. I am still looking forward to party every weekend but I am avoiding that. Big events comming up soon and I have to try not to drink.

Anyways goodluck to you and goodluck vaping. My mom uses a vape too to quit cigarettes


Good job! It’s hard🙂