Day 20, do the cravings ever stop?


I’m currently 18 hours into day 20 of my sobriety, and the cravings have come back with a vengeance. They are nearly consuming my mind with thoughts of the giggle water. Do they ever go away? Or am I just stuck with these powerful cravings?



I am 81 days in. They have lessened a lot. Still get some, but at this point the pass fast


I’m almost done with 53 days, and I don’t really have cravings. I haven’t for quite a long time. But 53 days ago I had half a beer, after 41 days of sobriety. So I’ve been doing this recovery thing for 94 days. I don’t get cravings, but it gets dangerous when I am around alcohol. So, it’s not like I have no struggles, but I don’t crave it. It does get better. I would say once you get past a month, the cravings lessen a lot. You can get through them!


I’m at day 45, and the cravings have gotten worse for me the last few days. My birthday was also saturday so that probably has something to do with it. I heard the first 90 days are the hardest so hopefully they’ll lessen by then.


They do…i surprise myself at the things that use to make want to drink that no longer do.


That’s good to know! Thanks! I feel like I’m going crazy right now but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel! :slight_smile:


There is…never thought I would make it 81 days…daily maitenance to my sobriety, and ignoring the cravings…


I am about to have 11 months of sobriety (317 days) it takes time. It’s difficult in the beginning it helps if you find a substitute like coffee, energy drinks, sweets etc. Stay strong we are here for ya!


My first 60 days I had cravings, but no serious thought about picking back up. I’ve seen what happens when I do, and it’s always bad. Now I don’t really get them. Does that mean I don’t think about drugs or alcohol? No, but I really don’t have an urge to do them. It’s basically just a memory.

What really helps is going out and making a kick ass sober life for yourself. I love my life today. There’s no way I would risk losing what I’ve built just to be high for a little bit. There’s just no future in using for me.


Mine took about a month until they started to lessen. That was the first time. I think this time it will take longer unfortunately, but you just have to ride the ride.


I’m at 95 days in and they aren’t consistent now, actually quite the opposite. I find I have triggers that set off the cravings but I’m learning how to deal with them. Also, knowing how different life is on this side of sobriety keeps me sober. It only goes downhill if I pick it back up and I know it will kill me in the end if I do. Maybe not tomorrow but it will. So I stand strong because for me, it’s a fight between life or death. And I enjoy creating a life I’m proud to live so that’s exactly what I keep doing. Actually living again is a beautiful thing!


There’s probably always gonna be the romantic urge to pick up a drink, that’s what the addiction does. It really focuses in on all the good time “feelings” and it glazes over all the bad time “realities”. I’m near 5 months and I think about it occasionally, haven’t had a good hard craving but there’s a thought here and there. I accompany those thoughts/romantic feelings with real life experiences, all the wretched shit I’ve done while drinking, by thinking the drink through/playing the tape to it’s horrible conclusion. By keeping a lot of what I could be in the forefront of my mind, it allows me to be what I’d like to be which is in the present and sober.

Keep struggling, it gets easier as it becomes a habit and you learn how to enjoy life and cope without alcohol again.