Day 20 feeling fat

Feeling fat day 20 and that many pounds heavier… please help… Feeling like using just for vanity…

When you put down we often pick up the food, our bodies crave sugars. Benefits of quiting include stronger bones, clearer skin, stronger hair that looks better, liver will recover, heart returns to normal after abuse can lead to failure of many vital internal organs, what’s the point in looking slim if your dead from the abuse. You can concentrate on finding healthy ways to stabalise your weight when you are better. How bad do you want sobriety? Will you do what it takes?

Day 8 and I’m feeling this. Interested to see what everyone has to say


Same here girl!:grin:

Without sobriety, we don’t have health, and without health, what does weight matter?

A healthy body takes time and investment in the form of exercise, healthy diet, and refraining from substance abuse. Unfortunately we can shortcut neither time nor investment, and have to find ways to make peace with our physical reality in the time being, learn to accept ourselves as we are.

Some people are able to manage investment into recovery and other aspects of health such as diet at the same time. Others have to focus on sobriety first at the beginning, and have a little patience with the rest.

Personally I couldn’t manage a diet change until about 4 months into my recovery, and I still have yet to stick to an exercise regimen. But that’s okay because I’m putting sobriety first, and taking on new things as I’m ready to.

Of course I want to do it all now! Sometimes I even feel like I can. As I go, I’m finding out more about what I can fit on my (figurative) plate, and I prioritize if I’m taking on too much. A lot of this learning is coming from mistakes followed by reflection and adjustment. I envy those who can just make it work :slight_smile: