Day 21 and my home has never been cleaner

Waking up feeling fresh all the time and having more energy in the evenings means suddenly this week I’ve felt like I’ve had so much more time, my flat has never been cleaner! Ive been waking up with the energy to tackle all the jobs I’d usually put off before work. A good side effect for sure! :grin: Have a good day!


Yep…we get so much more done, when we get sober. Now that your space is clean, do you have anything you’d like to pursue? For me it is a black belt in a martial art. I started as a white belt in Krav Maga and Muay Thai at about the 90 day mark of sobriety, and am about a year away from earning my black belts in both arts.

So pick something you’ve always wanted to do, or rediscover a passion you once had. Can be anything, really. Maybe run a marathon, or compete in ballroom dance, bowl a 300 game, or master an instrument. Learn a language and then go visit where it’s spoken.

And keep the flat tidy too!


Wow that is an amazing goal, so cool you are so close to achieving that! I did my last half marathon a few weeks ago with a hangover so it will be amazing actually training while sober the whole time and never miss any training runs and feel guilty about it! The world is our oyster :smiley: Thank you for the lovely reply!


Amazing! That’s great!

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Thank you! :heart: