Day 23 ..alot of anxiety

So I’m on day 23… I don’t know if this has anything to do with not drinking… But I woke up and I just feel anxiety ridden like I’m not right… I’m not happy I just feel a little stressed out and a little icky… Don’t know if this has anything to do with how long it’s been on my drinking or what… Anybody have any input or have went through this?.. I have no intentions of drinking but it almost seems like it would make me feel better for the first time since I’ve quit… I don’t feel like I have been feeling ,which is really good

I had terrible anxiety after quitting alcohol after a huge binge. In addition to the mental anguish, my body was not recovering and that added to the anxiety.
Are you in therapy, as far as someone you can chat with once a week to vent?
Do you have a healthy outlet that you can do when you feel the anxiety coming on?
Kudos to you for recognizing the anxiety, getting through the feeling, and being strong enough to fight for sobriety.
It seems easier to give in when the anxiety is heavy, but you do get stronger as you go along.

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It is very normal. I get periodic waves of anxiety. I would say around 3 weeks was when it started. Today I am at 12 weeks and I’ve been experiencing it a fair bit again. I woke up last night at 2 am (which I normally don’t do unless I’ve been drinking) and I could just feel the heart racing a bit. No real reason. I wan’t thrilled with the dream I just woke up from but on the scale of dreams it was pretty mild…I think I was more upset than I needed to be because of the anxiety.

Google PAWS. Or even search on the forum for PAWS. It is totally normal. It might last for a year or so, which kinda sucks, but at least knowing what it is allows you to handle it better.


Unfortunately it is very normal.
I’m nearly 200 days sober from booze and I still get those days.
However they are few and far between and don’t last more than a couple of hours
I try and take my mind off it by being active (the gym, walking or running)
The worse thing to do is drink. This will only help temporarily, and will be twice as bad the day after.
23 reasons to be proud of yourself :+1:.
Wishing you all the best :pray:


Thank you… this helped

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Thanks I got on the exercise bike …got up and started cleaning and it seemed to help quite a bit

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