Day 24 clean today. Urges and cravings

Tomorrow will be day 25. This run has been the hardest ever. I know it was because this last relapse 24 days ago was a binge. I’m happy because of this pain. It means the brain is healing. It is changing. For the better. No pain no gain. Let’s go. Usually by day 25 I’m feeling so good but not this time. Might take me until day 45 or 50 to feel those same benefits. Oh well. Need to keep going.


Your doing awesome ! I’m on Day 28 AF. Yes. I guess it takes awhile for our bodies to repair all of the damage we inflicted on them. I feel alot better but sometimes a little tired/foggy.
But my worst day now is better than my best day then. Keep up the good fight !

I couldn’t agree more. You are absolutely right. Each day it gets better than the previous. We have to let our bodies heal. It takes time. Congrats on Day 28.

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