Day 25 - working out daily, have restless legs +

Tossing and turning last 4 days, Takes an hour or more to fall asleep, tossing whole time. Then, up every hour or two. These restless legs are something else! I have either been jogging 5 miles, yoga or gym workout. My legs are still restless. Can’t believe it. Anyone else? :grimacing:

I have restless leg from time to time, yes. Even if you work out vigorously, sometimes I have it. Talk to your doc if it is a persistent deal. Mine isn’t so I just Deal with it when it happens.

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I get restless legs at night sometimes, turns out I have iron and vitamin B12 deficiency which I think probably explains it for me. Sure there are other causes.

If it carries on though worth asking for a blood test to check those out (and also worth getting a copy of your results and learning how to interpret them because normal ranges are not the same as optimal levels!)

Congrats on the 25 days and hopefully apart from the restless legs you’re feeling pretty good with all that exercise! :slight_smile:

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@LeeHawk thank you. So far it’s persistent but I am early in on recovery.

@siand Awh, blood tests mention again! Okay, definitely a sign I need to make an appointment today. Appreciate it.

Have a great day!