Day 26 clean from H - Insomnia is killing me

Day 26 clean from H - things are going well so far, however the biggest problem I am having is the constant insomnia… Anyone else experience this?

I can’t fall asleep, ever. And if I DO fall asleep, I can’t stay asleep for more than a half an hour or so…

Does it ever get any better? Will I ever sleep again?

Any advice on what I can do besides melatonin (does not work for me)??

Give it a little more time. For me I started sleeping better around the month mark though it can suffer quite a bit from person to person. I found watching comedies helped pass the time and laughter always helps, take hot baths when your can. Sleep will come is what I was told and it did.
Sticking around here and reading will help also :slightly_smiling_face:
That are some over the counter sleep aids that can help but I would strongly suggest avoiding prescription medications :+1:

Another non-prescription option is magnesium. Higher doses can cause diarrhea so start lower to see how your body tolerates

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Thank you so much - I really appreciate it. I’m gonna try that.:grin:

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That’s what I keep hearing, ‘sleep will come.’ I guess I just have to be more patient. I’m gonna try the comedy movie thing - thank you for responding - I really appreciate it.:blush:

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I was on oxy and xanax and lots of it…I think I was awake for 6 months solid…probably not but it sure seemed like it…after that it gradually got better and at about 9 months I started sleeping pretty good…now a little over a year I think I sleep about as much as I am awake…

I did quit cold Turkey and the xanax were an extra problem

Hi @Jkelber. Welcome to TS.

Hi Jessica…
Try valerian, capsules or the tea mentioned that also contains it. I do get odd dreams with it though.
H is not my DOC, but one of my sons has been clean from it for over 2 years now and he says keeping a reliable schedule is still really important for him to get quality sleep. Following a calm bedtime ritual might help a little.
Glad you are here!