Day #29 alcohol free.....but the side effects....good Lord!

Hi guys. I’m a combat vet with anxiety, PTSD, and depression. After years and years of drinking to blackout to mask my inner demons…I have decided to take a 120 days cleanse. After waking up in my vehicle outside of a bar for the last time…I decided I needed a change. It has taken me the full 29 days to get the courage to speak out on this forum. But I am starting to feel better. The first 3weeks were hell…insomnia, night sweats, nausea, diarrhea, easily irritated, loss of appetite…and so many more…I literally locked myself in my house and did not leave. But now it’s getting a little easier. But I’m still fighting the cravings.


That’s my start. I wanted a challenge but didn’t want to overwhelm myself. So that for now is a reasonably goal for me.

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understandable - ‘forever’ is a hard a pill to swallow. taking sobriety in chunks is more effective than no sobriety at all. so when you’re finished, shoot for 160 days, etc. congrats on 29 days!