Day 3 and I feel ok

So it’s day 3!!! I had no urge to drink yesterday, probably because I felt so crappy from detoxing. I’m still exhausted today and had major problems sleeping even with melatonin. But I got up and signed myself up at the gym! I’ve been wanting to for a year or so now. I’m feeling really positive!


Every day, get up and get after it! Every day, get better at getting better!


Good on you…excersice has helped me a lot in recovery. Just remember also to go easy on yourself if for some reason you don’t feel like doing exercise some day…all the time in the world for the rest of your life to get in shape and so on…all that matters is staying sober one day at a time…


I was on deaths doorstep when I was on day 3 so you are doing better than ok. I was holed up in my room in rehab not talking to a soul. Day 3 I was starting to get stable on my Subutex taper, but it still wasn’t great

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You will be feeling better day by day! My sleeping problems were getting better after 2 or 3 weeks sober. Hang in there! :facepunch:

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