Day 3 need advice for the app

Staying positive and trying to stay busy. This is the longest I’ve gone in a long time. Does anyone have advice on how to use this app. I’m having a little trouble figuring it out but it was recommended by another veteran.

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Hey @MattSummers! Welcome onboard! Are you talking about the forum here or the sobriety app itself? Here feel free to share how you’re doing and extend your support for others (From my understanding)

For the app, there’s many features to use like the tracker or calling your sponsor or tracking your progress. Feel free to mention any specific question you may have

Good luck with everything

How do you get a sponsor?

@MattSummers sponsors are people who assist you in working the program to get sober. They usually exist within 12 step groups like AA and stuff.

Have you ever been to an AA or any other support group meeting?

I have but I don’t really like the crowd or meetings very much in my area I’m really kind of out in the middle of no where. Everyone seems to be court ordered

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Hey man! Hope you’re having an ok Sunday! You can use the app as a tool when you are trying to get sober/clean. You can ask questions,talk to other’s with similar struggles as yourselfe,get support along the road,be part of a comunity… That’s what I have been using it for. And with so many people in here,I find myselfe seeing my problems and issues with new eyes. Hope it’ll work out for tok! :slight_smile: