Day 3 of no drinking

Woke up this morning not wondering what time I was going to start drinking. First time in along time.


Me too on Day Three. I feel more awake and alert. As I keep busy and switch my motivation to important focus I am not thinking about the Alcohol as much. Keep pushing brother :pray::muscle::100:


I can totally relate to this. It was always try to get up early and do as much work as I can so I can spend a good portion of the day getting drunk. It was always looking at the clock to be like, yeah I did enough for today, let’s stop at the liquor store. It’s a weird feeling to just stay focused on work and to not have to think that way anymore.


That’s a great start!!! Keep it up. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations ! For people like us even 1 takes courage. Im on day 13 now and for 2 months I did nothing but wait for it to be 7 am so I could go get my alcohol. I would wake up at 530 sometimes REALLY needing it and would have to wait. That really sucked. Found a great AA group that is really helping alot. Wanting soooo much to make this work. Sending lots of Hope your way.