Day 3 riding the wave

I think it was @kiki who posted lots of things to try in the midst of a craving and “riding the wave” really stuck with me. I had to do that a few times today.

First thing this morning before work I had a audiology appointment where they confirmed I do indeed have tinnitus and sound sensitivity…and put me on a 10 week waiting list to see someone about learning to cope with this because it doesn’t go away. I’ve known I’ve had this since I was a little kid but to actually have it finally diagnosed was such a relief I burst out crying in the midde of the street when I got out…so the day was already on an emotional start.

Then work…and a two and half hour team meeting with one of my most challenging teams as soon as I got in…then an entire afternoon of issue after issue cropping up. The cravings started by about 12pm and I was riding each one out keeping a wave in mind until about 8pm. I even had to go to the shop to buy ingrediants for dinner and was worried I’d buy wine as well, but I came on here just before I went in, read a few posts, felt stronger and got my shopping done minus buying alcohol.

This evening though I did have ginger beer (non alcoholic) with my dinner and really loved the strong ginger taste. Think this might be my evening go to drink for a while.

One other thing thats come out of being diagnosed now with tinnitus…drinking alcohol is such a no no because obviously it effects your sleep, and according to the doc even a small amount will disrupt the second part of the sleep cycle which just makes the noise worse in my head. So…sobriety might give me back a bit of my sanity in more ways than one.

Anyway…enough ramblings. Bed early again tonight because I’m actually tired…face and teeth cleaned again too :blush:.


Awesome! Your on a streak. Your dealing with all this stuff without alcohol. Your so much stronger than you think. Don’t sell yourself short. You can do this!

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Thanks @Shattered_dreams… I dont see strength in myself yet because I’ve been at day 3 too many times to count over the past 10years…but today was a positive win over cravings so I’ll take that :blush:


No negative thoughts allowed! Don’t prepare for failure. There is no reason to drink, other then to drink. It solves no problems and we both know it has a tendency to create more problems. 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day at a time. :grimacing:

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@Lncy - well done again in those face and teeth! :wink::clap:t2:
Joking aside, you’ve done so well today resisting those cravings, especially after an emotional morning getting your diagnosis and a tough afternoon. Good for you!!

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Thanks @Josie…yeah my dentist is going to be delighted next time he sees my plaqueless teeth :joy:. I just have to stay mindful and watch what I’m doing when the cravings get to their strongest and not put myself in situations then when its too easy to break. That’s always been where I’ve given up and started drinking again.

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Hey @Lncy I enjoyed reading your challenges and how you got past each one. Putting your tools to use!

Thanks @JohnSee. Hoping practice makes perfect :blush:

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