Day 3 support and help


Hello everyone.

I am on day 3 sober and I wanted to share my story and hopefully get some insight. I am really enjoying this forum and reading everyone’s comments.

I am in my mid 30s and woke up the other day feeling like I had wasted 15 years of my life because of alcohol. I was top of my class in school, a member of every club etc. So what changed? I started heavily binge drinking which turned into a bottle of wine a night and binge drinking on the weekends. I never got fired but I haven’t reached my full potential.

Both parents are heavy drinkers and it always seemed so normal to drink. They never discouraged it and when we were on holiday and I was in my late teens, they introduced me to hair of the dog.

I really want it to work this time, but I am most worried about social situations with friends (I am a musician) and also being with my family. I feel like drinking together is our bond. They are visiting me next weekend and I want to stay strong. I feel like in the past I would have said 'I will stop drinking next week so I can drink with my family.


@SearchForHappiness fight it and don’t give in. I am interested to know how you do and how you did it. I am just waking up to face day 2. First day off. I am yet to be in the company of drinking friends. But like you I would have opted to quit after they leave. I hope this time when in a similar situation I will hold on. Update us please. All the best!!


Thanks so much for responding. I think when it comes to social situations which I cannot avoid with heavy drinkers (like my family flying in to specifically see me), I might just say I am on antibiotics the first time. Then hopefully I can build my confidence to talk more about it.


Maybe ameeting might help wish you well


Maybe that’s a good idea for now jus to keep them off your back. But eventually maybe when you build up more strength and have abstained for a while you can tell them. Remember it’s only a weekend. You can make it. Watch alcohol mastery on YouTube. Someone here suggested it and I am loving and getting encouragement from them. All the best.


Thanks for the ideas. Checking out the youtube channel now.