Day 3- Welcoming the nightmares

I am on day 3 today with my nightmares bringing out traumas from childhood. Need to work on this, need to rebuild my emotional bond with those days. Any suggestions?

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I never really believed in therapists and councilors being able to help but when I found the right one things really started to look up! Keep going strong.

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I used meditation. At first when I thought I had to empty my mind the only image I kept going to was my childhood but with constantly facing my fear and letting them feelings enter me and taking the time to study them while accepting I can do nothing to change it, I learnt to put it in a little box and through away the key. Plus, and trust me this went against everything I believed in at the time, I prayed for my tormentors that they had to live with the knowledge of what they had done, I prayed for them to be forgiven for being so sick and weak. This then handed me back the power and I was finally the one in control, not them.