Day 34 tired of being depressed axity an anger at my self

so today is Day 34 before Im fighting depression everyday anxiety everyday and anger through it angry that I can’t get the thought out of my head I’m depressed because all of the people around me and friends that I like and dislike are now no longer around which is okay and not okay tommorow will be my 3erd day of meetings I’m doing 3 meatings an iop just need someone to hang out with that’s sober so I can start feeling normal again if ur close to Toledo wa please help me I have no license an no rig so I’m stuck in the boonies bord dippresed an really won’t to relapse but I’m fighting an God is fighting right next to me he wonts me to be sober an happy

throw ur number or ur Facebook account an I will pm or call you if ur close by please help

God Bless you…you ask and you shall receive that’s his promise. I have struggled with the depression and anxiety for years which started ne on my alcohol/cocaine/cigarette habits. I’m in Canada…get if I was closer we could definitely hang out. Thank God we can touch base on this forum. Strength to you.

Congratulations on 34 days! Sounds like you are working hard to make it work which is awesome.

Learning how to deal with my feelings has been a big part of my sobriety, it’s tough. Finding acceptance for my situation and myself is something I continue to work on. Meditation and yoga help when I commit to them.

Sending you positive vibes from the UK :v:

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Keep hitting them meetings and you will develop the best friends you’ve ever had