Day 35, about to leave my support network for the first time

I’m coming to the end of my 35th day of sobriety, which has been greatly helped by me finding amd attending LGBTQ-centric AA meetings on the weekends. However, I have a bike trip tomorrow with my parents. I forgot about it until yesterday. My parents don’t know about my sobriety, and have sometimes vocally disapproved of my drinking (and the lying and rudeness that came from the drinking) while vehemently opposing the notion that I could possibly be sick or mentally ill or have anything wrong with me. Suffice to say I will not be telling them about my sobriety or AA anytime soon.

That said, now I have to navigate the absence of meetings and my sponsor (no cell service where we’re going) and the presence of social pressures to drink (fancy restaurants, vineyards, my dad is an amateur sommelier) in the company of two people who, as dearly as I love them, really REALLY stress me out. Ugh. I don’t wanna lose what sobriety I have and I’m really apprehensive about this whole thing.

I know it’s just 2 days to get through. Any advice or condolence would be very appreciative bc I’m just sitting here stewing in dread and resentment at the moment :confused:

2 days to get thru this is so little. You CAN do this. Remember it’s going to be fine without alcohol but With alcohol you never know how it will turn out. Keep strong!!

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If your not sure dont go but its your maw and paw they will be supportive of you im sure if you explain whats going on in your life? i told my wee maw that maybe i have a drink problem ? and you know what she said THANK GOD YOU HAVE COME TO RELISE THAT YOUR DAD AND I WERE WORRIED ABOUT YOU DRINKING FOR YEARS ? WENT TO MEETING THAT NIGHT HAVNT LOOKED BACK wish you well , everyone have agood day


Parents are very intuitive, you’re their flesh and blood. Mine know I’m living sober and they are delighted. I haven’t shared everything but they are very supportive. It helps they are tee totallers, not alcoholics though they have never drank, but have seen the damage it can do within their own families. As time goes on I am able to share more with them. It’s great not panicking when they call incase they can hear I’ve been drinking by the way I talk.

Whilst you don’t need to tell them warts and all, declare your sobriety to them. Tell them it’s for health reasons or whatever else, you won’t be lying. They will support you and will see a calmness to you which you will like.

Your support network is still there and will be waiting for you when you return, think how good it will feel to return sober. You will have them with you too as they have shared knowledge and wisdom which you can use to find strength when you are away.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:, stay strong :muscle: and stay sober.


I was dreading spending time with my mom, earlier in my sobriety, because she stresses me out, much as I love her, and because she is a (moderate but daily) drinker. It was helpful to me to kerp telling myself not to drink at her, or drink at my anxiety, but instead just ride the waves. There will be times that its hard, but if one day at a time is too much, take it a minute at a time. Practice saying no thankyou to wine, and it gets easier.


Thanks everyone–ultimately I couldn’t really talk my way out of the trip but I told my dad I would prefer to ride on trails near the water rather than around vineyards because I prefer the scenery. Then the Japanese restaurant we were at had my favourite tea so I was able to be like “oh my gosh I HAVE to get this tea” and nobody even asked me about wine or whatever. Everything fell into place for me, I got really lucky haha.

Thanks for all your replies, glancing at them periodically throughout the weekend really helped!

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