Day 4 checking in today to ensure keep going

Day 4 and its funny how your mind plays tricks on you.
I feel I am doing well and my mind says I am doing well and wouldn’t it be nice to have a drink, it’s nearly the weekend. I know it would carry on the whole weekend. I know it’s the last thing I need.
Short while and it will pass and I will be a happier person in the morning. If I give in the anxiety and guilt will engulf me in the morning.


My mind always tell me the same. Now you been doing so good, you deserve a glass of wine. And everytime, it never ends there. Always in disaster, lots of bottles of wine everyday. I know I can not even have one glass, ever.

Almost om Day 3 today, going to stick this time!

The thing is I feel so much better when I am not drinking.
I don’t feel depressed and feel I wasted the next day doing nothing

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Its nothing better then waking up with no hangover, it really is awsome. Not drinking is making me feel good, but it is really hard