Day 4 checking in

Hello everyone! I’m on day 4 without alcohol. Determined this time. My whole social life revolves around alcohol and places where alcohol is served - really having to rethink my life!!


You got this! My life has been very much been centered around alcohol the same way for the last decade. I found that especially with the pandemic, everyone so far has been very accepting of my sobriety and actually encouraging as well.

The rewards of sobriety outweigh the negatives by so much. Congrats on day 4 and keep it up!!

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I am going to try a walking group! I bought walking boots that have sat in their box! Thank you for your encouraging words :blush:

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Well done on 4 days. That’s excellent work.
I’d say if you have to change your life like that then go for it.
There’s plenty of things to do that don’t revolve around drinking.
I hardly ever get to the pub these days.
Get out there and enjoy life.


Good decision, and it’s nice to hear that you’re making progress !
I was at four days only slightly more than a couple of weeks ago.
Soon enough, you’ll be at one week, then 10 days, then a fortnight, then… the sky’s the limit.
You can do it, we all can.