Day 4 looking for some email buddys

4 days now feeling okay had some good conversations with this community yesterday so that defiantly helped ,would anyone be interested in being email buddy’s would be good to have a few people to email each day just to keep the positivity up and have some one to chat to about every day things ??

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Don’t think you’re going to get many takers. Not saying your intentions aren’t honorable, but we do get our share of creeps here. That’s why there’s a private message function on this site. Best way to directly communicate or have small group private discussions.

Good job on day 4. Keep getting better at getting better each and every day.


Fair enough I totally understand


Dang no wonder nobody replys or anything I feel like I’m shunned in this place

Why do you feel shunned? Like anything, the longer you stick around you will develop closer connections


I will I’m in it for the long haul


That’s very true