Day 4 - training my brain hour 1

Brain training method

  1. Imagine scenario where tempted
  2. Imagine the most intense feelings vividly
  3. Pause and take deep inhale for 10 seconds and deep exhale for 10 seconds. Make sure not to hold the breath in or this might induce more stress.
  4. Imagine the words Hungry, angry, lonely, or tired appearing in front of you.
  5. Imagine walking away from the situation and tending to one of these needs.
    Starting recovery
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I think this is going to actually work because in my body I actually did start to feel actually tempted, but the breathing calmed my mind down so much and imagining the words Hungry angry lonely or tired helped me to know what to do in each situation. I imagined each situation such as being hungry what would I do, and I realized that my addiction was just masking my needs emotionally, mentally, and physically because it gave a temporary fix. But I realized that I could calm my body down by breathing slowly and this helped me to realize all my cravings are conquerable. I imagine every scenario from the smallest ones to the most tempting ones. I will be writing down all my temptations today if I get them so I will know exactly what triggers me and what temptations I should imagine the most. At the end of this I will say I feel calm. For the rest of the day, I will practice this in the moments I feel hungry angry lonely or tired, and if I can’t fulfill one of the primary needs
I will imagine what I would do if I could. I work at McDonald’s so during small gaps of free time or when I’m doing the dishes, cleaning, waiting or making fries I practice this technique. It has to become almost automatic where it basically happens out of instinct and eventually I won’t have to think about it. I will just habitually do it, but that comes with practice lots of practice. So I did 1 hour of it this morning, and I will be doing that every single morning. I have to become great at this skill of calming myself down and making a rational decision.

I absolutely LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing :heart: