Day 40 No Smoke



It’s Day 40 and It hasn’t been flawless. I haven’t caved in. But I have had some close calls. I went through a butt puff phase my second week, but I had to recommit. My body doesn’t yearn nicotine. Iam using the 21mg patches. But my mind keeps telling me to take a smoke, especially when I see a person light up or Iam stressed. IAM feeling some what depressed since my quit Jan1. It is truly a mental thing when quitting. So I keep myself distracted til the urge subsides. Deep breathes help. Discussing it with someone who is supportive helps me. I just got my phlebotomist license Jan.4 and a job came through Saturday, I started. The good thing is I was able to work and not think about catching a break to smoke. I felt great my 1st day of work. I will keep going one day at a time, don’t give up you can do it.