Day 5 feeling rough

Lots of cravings since about 3 in the afternoon! I never drank in the afternoons. Really low energy - falling asleep all the time. Feeling raw - over sensitive. More than usual and I hurt everywhere and nauseous but want to eat all the time! ! I’ve given up before but never ever felt like this!

Hey Ursula…I hear you…the first week was rough for me. It was mostly laying on the couch, taking bubble baths, drinking loads of tea and seltzer and binge watching tv. Your body is going through a really powerful time of detoxification. I just kept telling myself that my body was intelligent, and it was healing itself…and that I FOR ONCE had to listen to it!!! I kind of thought of my relationship between my body and me like a spouse and their pregnant wife haha…

I was like “whatever she wants yo! She gets!”

If my body wanted to sleep…I slept (barring work of course) when she was sore…epsom salt baths and sweatpants…when she was nauseous, peppermint and ginger tea…and just as much water as I could handle throughout the day.
It helped me to know that, even though I felt crappy… I was finally not poisoning and hurting my body. And effectively just slowly killing myself…

Oh and also, I had the monetary funds available…so I went to the nail salon and got 15min chair massage like…every third day of those first two weeks…still cheaper than my nightly booze tab :wink:

Today is day 37 for me, and this is still the best decision I’ve ever made. I hope this helps!


Thank you I feel like I’m only just hanging on! But I suppose I’m still hanging on! It’s very good advise to be kind to myself. I suppose I’ve tried to carry on as normal but my body and brain thinks this is all very abnormal - not a wine bottle in sight!! Yes you’re right take it easy and ßhower - be kind to myself. X

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I was the same, I just kept reminding myself that it’s not good feeling like this so I’m not going to put myself through it again! I’m going to ride it out for the last time ever! I slouched in bed a lot and watched easy going TV / videos, snapped at my kids and partner a lot and generally acted like a hormonal stroppy teenager :grin: luckily they all prefer that from my drunkenness :wink: it’s not going to be amazing over night but it gets better and easier with moments of pure elation and clarity. Something I’ve not felt in years! Hang tight, you’re doing brilliantly!

Keep at it. Make it through and tell yourself you never want to do this part again! Then do some solid work every day to keep moving in the direction of freedom :fist:t3: