Day 5 I'm Alive and taking everyday as a milestone

5 day’s, 120 hours, body is already saying, aghhh this is nice, brain is saying, hello because it can . Life is what we make it, alcohol is the devil’s way of taking our life away.

The devil spealt backwards ain’t not lived for nothing.

Take everyday as a victory for the good guys.


Amen. Day 4 for me.

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Congrats to you both on your new sobriety! Keep taking it one day at a time to a week and two weeks and beyond. I have learned that sobriety is hard on ones own an that we need an outside support system to help us. For me it’s this app and I hope you both find what works best for you as it’s not the same for everyone.

Peace be thy journey and God Bless!

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Good on you Lisajane - I’ll be watching out for you.

Thanks Allen, and yes this App has been a fantastic shoulder for me. I made my mind up from day one, to write something on here daily, as well as to read and write on other folks posts. It’s a very inspiring place for more reasons than one.

One day at a time is as far as I go.