Day 5 relapse

New to this app and sobriety. Yesterday I relapsed after 5 days. I’m so disappointed in myself. Now feel so flat. I guess I just reset or can I pretend it didn’t happen and carry on pretending it’s just a little hiccup? Feel sad. Trying to stop has made me realise I was in more trouble than a thought with alcohol. Tips?


You’ve just done the hardest part, admitted you have a problem found a community like us and asked for help so well done for that. Now everytime you want to pick up a drink pick up your phone and talk to people on here. We all want you to be sober and can give help and advice, so all you have to do is basically don’t have the first drink and listen. Simple :wink::thinking:


Hi Rik! This is a great community, as Dolse mentioned above. You will get lots of responses. I spend a lot of time here. Welcome to TS. A reset is just that. You accomplished five days. Those are typically the hardest days.

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My DOC was alcohol. So my question is how do you/ others feel about alcohol free beer and wine? Is it a good idea or is it a dangerous road to go down? I thought maybe having alcohol free beer and wine in the house might be a good thing. Thoughts?

For me, it didn’t work at the beginning. Now I can without any urges.

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This topic gets debated alot on these boards. There is no right answer for everyone. Only the one that is right for you.
I personally stay away from alcohol free beer… my logic is I dont see any good reason to drink it or pay extra for it.

In my early days of sobriety I chose coffee and energy drinks as a replacement. After about 3 months or so I reduced the coffee abd energy drinks and replaced it with sparkling water or regular water.

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