Day 6 sober

New here. Day 6 without a drink. Longest I have been without drinking in almost 5 years. Was drinking a minimum of a pint of vodka a day of not at times a 5th and a 12 pack. Not really craving or any physical withdrawals. But anytime I get bored or agervated I wanna run to the liquor store. Will appreciate any advice and support. Thanks in advance.


Hi! Welcome to the forum! You’ve made a great choice to get sober. My advice is to just take one day at a time. Decide that for today you will not drink. Don’t worry about tomorrow or the future. Just today. You’re still very early in your sobriety so your body is going through a LOT. Drink lots of water, find something to do with your time, read lots on here & use the search function (magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner) to find topics to help you where you are. There are so many encouraging and helpful threads on here. Focus on not taking the first drink. That’s the most important one. Without the first there won’t be all the others. Are you going to try any sort of program? I’d suggest AA or SMART Recovery to get started. Having real life people really does make a difference. Also I’d suggest checking in here daily (There’s a Checking In Daily thread and a Daily Greeting thread) to help you stay on track. Best of luck to you!