Day 67 sober what's your experience

Morning everyone
I’m on day 67 AF and very proud of myself. However I don’t feel as good as I imagined I would. I seem to be more tired than I was when I was drinking!? I’ve started drinking lots of water over the past week.Sleep is improving slowly but just wondered how you all feel? Anyone have experience of feeling exhausted after 2 months sobriety and when did you start to feel the physical benefits?
Thanks x


I think it is different for everyone, Lilly, but I’ll share my experience. The first 3-4 months I did nothing not NOT drink. I participated in many zoom recovery meetings, walked every day and hit the pillow sober. Things really improved for me at the four month mark. As for lethargy, spring has sprung where I am at and lots of allergies abound! Also, make sure you go get an annual physical and blood panel if you are behind in that. 67 days is great and will only get better!

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Thanks so much for your reply. It’s great to know that you felt great at 4 months.(congratulations btw on your sobriety!!)I think I was expecting to feel amazing and have been really disappointed that I don’t. I guess my body is probably under some major repairs.i have noticed my blood pressure is dramatically different. It was very high and now is well within normal range.
I just need to be patient I guess.:slightly_smiling_face: