Day 7 - Relapse

Day 7, Saturday Evening and i relapsed. Was in a bad mood and i just wanted to feel better for a couple hours. Now, i’m disapointed because i wasn’t strong enough to resist.But at least, it were “only” 9 Beers and not 12-14 like last weekend and i stopped though i had another 2 Beers in the fridge (at least a progress).

So it’s Day 1 again, curing the hangover and back to work tomorrow. I keep fighting💪

Well done for getting back up.
Next time you feel bad and want a drink, remember today and the fact that the day after you actually feel worse.
Think about planning your sobriety. Read around on here about plans.


It helps me to play it through to completion. If I drink today how will I feel when I wake up? Will I be mad? Will I hate what I did? Will people be disappointed in me?

That’s usually enough to get the idea of drinking out of my head.