Day 8.. 13 year relationship on the line

Day 8 my minds still abit blurry an empty threwout the day it mabe my new medication for my manic depression ive gone back to work (I’m a carer) that seems to help me apart from going to peoples house who have alcohol in there fridges wich I see when making meals or drinks or going to the shop seeing beer behind the counter so I find myself walking back out or waiting at the door for my colleague i know its going be tuff the first month my partners now stopped drinking to help me get threw it but he says he’s not going stop forever an I shouldn’t expect him too but how do i overcome the urge in the near future as if I fail an do drink again I will lose him for good hes been threw so much putting up with me an my drinking i just dont want to fail again beer seems to be everywere now :frowning:

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Hi @Jess30
Day 8 is awesome :partying_face:

The fact beer is everywhere isn’t going to change, but your reaction to it can change. Over the next few weeks and months, it’s more of a mental overhaul that you need.
Maybe you would benefit by AA meetings online? To learn some tools for coping longterm.
Your Partner is probably frustrated and wants you to succeed, but this isn’t really about him, but you.
Stop looking too far in the future. Deal with today day 8. And then one day at a time with a support plan in place…


I’m going get back into cooking an stay off social media I think try keep my mind motivated on passive things that will come from not drinking like being able save alot more an spend time with my kids instead of spending weekends in bed hungover an im going only go shop when I achurly need something an take money just for that just to be on safe side x

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My wife still drinks and it’s something that has bugged me for selfish reasons mostly. And yes, I see beer everywhere too. I made the mistake of going into a liquor store with my wife before Christmas , she needed to pick up wine for gifts. I had to run out of the place; I just stood out front and waited for her; the weird liquor store smell was too much for me.

This thing is hard at first; our lives are framed entirely by the thing that we can’t do. It’s the old thing about telling someone not to think of a bear, now they can only think about bears the. The problem we have is there are actually bears everywhere. Hit as many meetings as you can; it helps a lot.

Hang in there; we’re all here for you

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Beer was always everywhere, its just now your hyper focused on it,

Its harder when you have, a relationship or marriage on the line, medications will depend, aftrrall most mental health meds take around 2 weeks to have a full effect.

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I was literally about to type the exact same thing… Law of attraction. What you think about, your create. You focus on beer, the universe will show you more beer… Same goes with everything. Literally if I think about red cars , they will continually appear. Or dobermain dogs. Anything in life appears by your own thoughts attracting said thought… :innocent:

My best analogy is like you buy a new car, and then you see the same type of car everywhere even though you swore you never saw it before.

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