Day 8. Dreams of drinking

Good morning everyone! Today is my day 8 sober! Made it past a week! I had a dream last night that I got shitfaced. In my dream I got so wasted and then I woke up(in my dream) not knowing what I had done. People were telling me everything I did and I was so embarressed. There was 2 guys in my dream that didnt remember what they did either, and I was afraid to know what happened with them. Luckly I woke up and it was all just a dream. Im really happy I dont have to be going thru that guilt and shame right now! Anyways good morning everyone have a good day!


Congrats on your 8 days! @Andrea_Sapp Its funny how the subconscious works. I guess there is a message in there for you. I just had my first drinking dream on day 65. I also dreamt about spiders that night. Now I have this weird bite on me… I hope I’m getting superpowers.