Day 84 now but the urges are crazy

Just coming here. The urges have been too much as of late. Just trying to have all this pass and stay busy. I love my sober brain too much to give up.


Hmmm Im on day 13, would have thought by day 84 the urges would have left the system.

All I can say mate you have done well to get that far and you definitely don’t want to restart the counter. So keep tough and take it day by day.

You’ve already done the impossible!!

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Hi! How are you doing now? Did you get through the urges?

Thank you so much. Getting ready for bed soon. Another sober weekend almost in the books. Thank you for the support. I appreciate it.

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Hello. Went outdoors to the park with my kiddos. Yes got over the urges. Held on. Back to work tomorrow. Weekdays are better and easier for me. It is the weekends that always get me. Thank you and good luck to you too!


That’s good news! If the weekends are harder, try to find nice habits on your regular drinking hour that take that urge away. E.g. a nice relaxing bath. Well done for not giving in! :partying_face: