Day 9 .. aghhh!

By 8 AM , I had experienced a trigger . FML . It’s 9 AM and I can’t get alcohol off my mind and the urge to drown away my anger with a bottle . I have come so far and feel so good . I love having energy to get out of bed in the mornings … I love how good my relationships are going … I love how I’m not waiting around for 2pm to hit so I can drink … I love feeling happier, less angry and irritable every day . I love how much more emotional control I have over myself. I love not feeling like an absolute piece of shit everyday . I HATE the way alcohol made me act and feel … YET here I am … I hate everything about alcohol , frankly at the end of it I didn’t even really “enjoy” the feeling anymore … I was sick all the time … constantly vomiting, couldn’t eat , extreme bowel issues … YET HERE I AM !! Why the hell would I even WANT it ! I WONT drink , but I’m frustrated that I even want to .

Well thank for listening … rant over . lmfao !!


First, you didnt drink…and that is a win. Every time you say “no” it’s a win. Second, at 9 days, it’s going to come…the urges. I drank for over 2 decades, it took a long time to get over that life style.

Keep saying “no” and it does get better!


Just keep saying it over and over, if you have to. Go do something physical. Write a note to yourself. Take a scalding hot, or ice cold, shower. Scream into a pillow. Eat a piece of cake. Stick a pencil lengthwise into your mouth, it forces a smile. I swear it works. A smile automatically changes you, not for the long term but I think you’ll be surprised.

All the days can be brutal. I have found that 5-14 just suck. They just do. Good news, you can make this your last day 9.