Day 9 and for some reason the urge to have a drink is strong today

I have been doing so well, today is my 9th day without alcohol. I have loads to do today so im trying to keep busy but for some reason my head keeps telling me to watch a film this afternoon n curl up and chill with a glass.
Last week as awful and im not going back there so it isn’t going to happen but I dont know why the urge is so strong today.


I feel ya, made it to 2 weeks and crashed plenty of times. I’d start feeling human and comfortable, forget how bad I’d feel and slide right back into the norm.

Life’s better without a drink, stay strong


There doesn’t necessarily have to be one reason. While it can be helpful to identify triggers for cravings, at some point I had to let go of understanding the addiction and just focus on my commitment to being sober. I recommend taking time to write out your thoughts and feelings and come back to it later, because you could get some insight there. But in these situations I usually just focus on going about my day knowing I was not going to drink, and do precisely what you’ve done, come to the forum, share, read and maybe offer hope and support to someone else who is struggling. Hang in there, you can get through it.


Those urges seem to come and go. Stay strong and busy.


Today is going to be a day where I don’t drink. I have been using the journal, rating the day and writing down how im feeling it is really helping but it would be nice to start moving the rating up now.
There really is no quick fix but my body is starting to heal knowing that makes a difference.


You’ve made the best decision! Stay strong and feel the benefits of detoxing your body. Best wishes!

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Stay strong we can do it :pray:


I managed to get up early completed a food shop with no booze in trolley. I did pick one of those tropicarna pure fruit juice mix, don’t usually have that but a change may help.
So today is a busy cleaning day and a film tonight with my fruit juice. I will make day 10! Thankyou for all your comments they really do help. X