Day 9 still in withdrawals

Day 9 tomorrow. On vacation with the family and I forgot my favourite electric trimmer at home.
So I bought razors here to shave. I hate razors. Last time I used one was 12 years ago and the ingrown hairs that came out on my neck after that shave was sooooo hell.
Wife wanted me shaved as we were 3 days in and my hair grows fast. So I just said what the heck and got new razors from store. I didn’t want to drop more money on an electric trimmer because I have a few at home.
Now a day later my neck is irritated and I hate this. Its all red and I know I will breakout there .
I should have just let the hair grow out during the vacation. We have 3 days left.
Dealing with withdrawals and now ingrown hairs on my neck. Just fucking hell. Lol


“8 Home Remedies for Soothing and Preventing Ingrown Hairs” 8 Home Remedies for Soothing and Preventing Ingrown Hairs
If nothing else use a warm cloth and gentle exfoliation on the area. :woman_shrugging::blush:

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Those little irritations can feel really amplified in these types of situations. It sucks.

Once you get past the first few days, recovery is all in your head. We artificially make ourselves think we physically need our addiction, but we don’t. The effort, the game, the fight, is entirely in your head.

Suffering = Pain x Resistance

Healthy pain - the pain of healthy change, which is the pain of growth - is an inevitable part of life. If you have 100 points of pain and you resist the pain (by framing it as undesirable, or by otherwise resisting it), you will amplify your pain and create suffering. If, on the other hand, you don’t resist - if your amount of resistance is zero (0) points - then you will make your suffering zero. (Isn’t math great?)

Stop resisting and you will stop suffering. Work on your mindset, work on your breathing, work on your equanimity and your healthy acceptance, and you will stop the suffering :innocent:


Thanks Matt. Always very helpful. Much appreciated.