Day four is a hard one

Moved my whole life from New Orleans LA to Tuscaloosa AL. Day four is a hard one…
I have a lot of life issues im too prideful to speak on… Karmic cleansing cant help this. Im burning sage and wearing an agate i just feel like in feeling too much and not at all at the same time

Hi @Jayipea it will get better I promise :stuck_out_tongue: your brain is still detoxing. Crazy emotions are perfectly normal right now. I hope you can mind something to relax and enjoy instead of thinking away! Day 30 for me. It does get easier.

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The first 4 are the worst. The fog will start to clear after around a week. After 10 days or so you’ll be convinced you can drink sensibly, you have no friends and the world will end if you don’t just have that responsible drink or 2.
That’s bullshit of course.
After a month you’ll realise that you’re bullshitting yourself and things start to return to normal.
If you can remember normal!
I guess I’m saying it’s a bumpy ride @Jayipea, it is worth it though.