Day one again but not given in


What to say? Its one day in the books. Starting over sucks. But i made the choice and i have to live with it moving forward and looking up. Its time to give up the alchohol, other stuff, the games. Tired of it making me feel insane. Starting over again with others whom have no idea what its like whom encourage my bad behavior sometimes i wonder if its a means of control for them. Except they have no idea what its like to be me right now. No idea they may very well be on there way out of my life. With to much on my plate its time to wipe the slat clean.


Welcome back. What are you going to do differently this time to make sure you succeed?


I have been to an AA meeting. But i need to find others as well as this one i am comfortable in but its extremely hard for me to make due to i am writting again witch is helping deal.with some anxiety and anger. I dont go to play pool any more. But still struggling with him.pushing drink because he drinks daily. I am at a point where if i forward its.moving forward or drinking i cant do both with out failing. Failure is not an option.


Well done on getting back up @Nikkicar, nice to see you here again :hugs:. I like your meme ( do you call it that?), it’s so very true. Keep fighting each minute, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you’ll get there. Don’t forget to reach out whenever you feel the need - we’re all here and we know what you’re going through. Hugs.


Thanks. I dont know what thats called i liked it so i shaired it as i found it fitting for where i am at.


Letting go is hard because it means you have to head into the unkown. Being comfortable has always been my excuse until i couldn’t bare it anymore. I extricated myself from the enabler in my life. It was hard, it hurts, but i didn’t die. I have relapsed a time or two but i keep on keeping on. Hang in there.


Good job! Every day is an opportunity to do a little better right? I’m Day 3 three alcohol free, and tonight my fiancé and I were supposed to go out to dinner with some friends, but I’m choosing to stay home because I know everyone will be drinking. It’s ok to remove distance from situations and people. It’s not the same at hating them right? Good on ya friendo, you got this.