Day one! Again!

Super stoked, having an awesome day one! Again! This app is just helping the motivation grow. Motivated and ready to kick addiction in the butt :slight_smile: how’s everyone else’s day going??


It’s good to see that you have a lot of motivation to do something good for your life.
It’s never fun being back at day 1, but the idea is to look forward.
I don’t know whether your issue was alcohol or whatever else, but remember that doing without alcohol (or whatever) is not DEPRIVING yourself of anything, but rather FREEING yourself from years of BS and propaganda from alcohol (or other) producers, advertisers, and even often well-meaning friends and family members.
I had to go back to day 1 after well over 120 days, but now I’m getting close to 50 days again…
You can do it, we all can.

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Awesome attitude! Keep it up and you got this! I’m not sure what your addiction is but if it’s alcohol get to meetings and get a sponsor. Surround yourself with support and kick butt!

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